HDFury rox the HD scene !

How old is your HDTV or projector? If it was bought before 2005 it does not have an HDMI input. This means that you’ll never be able to use the full potential of your expensive projector, plasma display, or PC screen with new sources like the PS3, Xbox360, Blu-ray players, Cable TV / Satellite boxes, or PC graphics cards at up to 1080p FULLHD resolution.

Without an HDMI input your display will be limited to 480p in most cases – that’s only 1/6th the resolution of 1080p FULLHD! You need HDfury1, HDfury2 or HDfury3 to unlock the full potential of your display! Why buy an expensive new HDTV when your existing one works perfectly well? Enhance your display’s compatibly and value with HDfury1, HDfury2 & HDfury3!

First prototype HDfury1 video (the introduction of HDfury) first published in May 2007:
(Thanx goes to our contacts at HKmod who helped with the initial design)

Quick review, discussion around HDfury on Tekzilla TV show:

More HDfury videos may be found here: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hdfury+hdmi&aq=f