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Our design

Harnessing the power of electronic technology for the purpose of creating quality audio/video experiences has always taken a specialized skill and understanding. When we founded our company in 2007, many technologies were in their infancy… some still had yet to be invented. Even in those early days, HDfury was known for its unparalleled expertise, creative thinking, and tireless energy for getting the job done right.

That reputation stands today, with a proven track record of project excellence in producing and distributing devices that run the show of light, video, sound, integrated control systems, streaming, recording, broadcast, TV, and newly emerging performance technology. HDfury unites professionals from all over the world, developers from Finland, US, Swiss and Russia with successful production facility from Taiwan are working hands in hands as a Pro Team.

We take pride of what we do and value friendly relationships among strong individuals united with one common goal. Our highly qualified employees can find individual approach to each client and that brings our customer support to the next level. We are open to discussion and welcome any feedback so you can send your questions and/or suggestions using the contact form or online chat and we will get back to you asap.

HDfury has always been a design company at heart. The Innovation Department, responsible for the development of new concepts and products is the beating heart and the engine of the company.
The brand new HDfury Vertex, following the release of the HDfury Integral and HDfury Linker, breathes the legacy of 10 years of design and knowledge. Having evolved over time, the iconic all-in-one HDfury remains unsurpassed with regards to its defining functionalities.

Now all of our upcoming devices, including the HDfury Vertex, will share the same design principles: design and engineering, aesthetics and functionality, form and function, have come together seamlessly.

How does that turn into real AV World? Watch Vertex, an optimal UHD Premium device passing and scaling all HDR/HDMI/HDCP signals in existence today, offering iOS/Android APP, Windows GUI, InfraRed, WiFi control with On Screen Display and Informative OLED display. Simply, Tomorrow’s Hardware Today.

Why choose us

At HDfury, we provide the market most innovative and disruptive devices as well as customized solutions – from design and procurement, to installation and service- all tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients. Our team goes beyond the basics in each of our operations to provide leading-edge solutions that exceed expectations and stand the test of time. When a vision becomes a reality it is not by chance, there is a successful team of people behind it. We look forward to making your project a success story as well.

Rocking the HD and UHD scene since 2007! HDfury is installed in, at the Miami American Airlines Arena, Manchester United Stadium and others places where reliability and efficiency count such as Luxury cruising boats, airplanes, theaters and others.

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last whilst being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final furious device. We produce limited quantity of exclusive design for professionals, installers and experts around the globe.

IntegralLinker and Vertex (as well as previous models) are endorsed by top notch calibrators and professionals integrators in the HT industry.

We ship everyday and overnight! Slow economic or fast shipping in express with tracking number! We can reach any place in the world in 2 days MAX.

Team HDfury have a proven successful history in designing the most advanced video converters ever!

Our devices are though, made and tested by and for HT addicts&hobbyists. We offer trade-in, upgrade and replacement service to our customers!

HDfury unleash your full equipment capabilities and give a new life to your existing AVR or Display hardware!