Furiosity News

Current state of fury in bulk below:

HDfury Maestro won Cedia 2019 Best Product Award.

HDfury Diva won “TV-Tuning TIPP” award from Sat Vision magazine.

Diva, Maestro and Vertex2 got update for HDR replacement routine, TCI/IP multi connection support, Shield 2019 DV&LLDV suppport, JVC macro Frame Adapt HDR mode, HDR10+/DV and Audio vendor specific packets support for HDMI2.1 TV and eARC CDS upload feature (for studios mainly).

Vertex1 and Integral2 are getting new update to strengthen their latest firmwares with ARC routines from our last generation Diva/Maestro&Vertex2.

-New AVR-Key with updated heatsink design is now available, tested for up to 7 Hours continuous playback at 600MHz/18Gbps (4K60 4:4:4 8b or 4K60 4:2:2: 12b signals). It comes with a new firmware version for LLDV support on newer and older AVR-Key units.

What we are working on currently:

  • Pattern generator options, 112 Ledstrips support and Ambientlight fine tuning options for HDfury Diva.
  • New upcoming production of Diva, Maestro and Vertex2 should offer CEC volume control from TV to reach Sound System at Audio out.
  • EARC-Key device, a small dongle to extract eARC or ARC from TV and forward to any AVR input via 720p/1080p self generated video stream with original audio stream embedded. Planned early 2020.
  • Dr.HDMI 8K, World First 48Gbps EDID manager is coming soon.
  • We have successfully extracted Full Audio from VRR/Gsync/Freesync stream in lab, feature will more likely be available on our HDMI2.1 design at the end of 2020.

Last but not least:

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