HDMI2.1 Cables x2


This set of always working HDMI cables includes:

2x HDMI2.1 Cables
Tested and Confirmed for 1200/1500MHz
Gold Platted – 6ft/2m each
No packaging / Bulk condition


Product Description

HDMI2.1 Level A Cables Tested and Confirmed for 1200/1500MHz – 40/48Gbps

Tested with Dr.HDMI 8K IN&OUT.
Guaranteed to work in any setup at 1200/1500MHz.
2 meters / 6 feet in lenght
Perfect match for any 1200/1500MHz setup and lower.
No packaging as each cable is manually tested and confirmed by our staff prior to shipping.


  1. boocross (verified owner)

    Over here in Melbourne, Australia I’ve purchased many ables over the years, including redmere cables with chip sets and the likes, but despite investing significant sums of money, I’ve continued to experience issues with cables and device communication resulting in substandard picture quality. Now I have a box of old HDMI cables that are either outdated or just won’t work properly with numerous pieces of my equipment.

    So, in July 2019, I finally took the risk and purchased these HDFury cables (along with a Vertex 2). I can confirm that these work perfectly with ALL of my equipment. I am confident to say that they provide faultless results with my new VERTEX2. There are 3 statements I can make about these cables that provide me with confidence:

    1. I see the difference in the picture quality.
    2. Communication between my devices is now automatic and faultless.
    3. The onscreen information display generated by Vertex 2 is the definitive proof of the signal quality and functionality of these cables. Say no more.

    It makes sense to me that if HDFURY has gone to all the trouble and expense of creating the world’s leading HDMI Scaler/Matrix/Splitter/Switcher, then they are not going to compromise their devices’ performance with anything other than high performing, reliable HDMI cables. So, while they retain their position as “Masters of the Universe” in all things HDMI, they have my undying support.

    David-Boo Cross
    Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
    24th NOV 2019

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